What if you had an idea that you believe could change the world? How would you convince the right people that your idea could become reality?

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You have a vision of a product or a service that will solve a problem for someone or help somebody.Sadly, too often people don´t understand the idea or are not ready to imagen it themselves. Luckily, we do and we can. And then we model it, render it, animate it and add some sound. Because when it needs to make wvrum, it better make wvruuuuuum
And once you can share your vision clearly and effectively and you convince the people that need convincing, we can help move your vision into reality!
To put it simply; that’s what we are here for: Realizing Visions

Concept Visualisation

Just short of reading your mind we will extract the essence of your vision and rebuild it piece by piece for everybody to understand. On the way we design, reengineer and understand your ideas and help you sell them to the world. Sometimes its a service, sometimes a machine. But hey, everybody likes cars. So here is a nice showcase with cars. Fast ones. All designed from scratch; the cars, the robots, and the track around it.
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The future of DTM

The Briefing: Show us your vision of an electric racing series with swappable batteries by using future models from the current DTM contenders. Focus heavily on the new and fantastic power stats of the vehicles. Basically a very, very glamorous PowerPoint. With an all-wheel-burnout. And dangerous driving. So also the opposite of PowerPoint. Sit with us in the driver’s seat and experience what electric racing should feel like. No range anxiety required.
Credit: lumod -project, design BMW and AUDI | music and effects: Michael Meinl | Race animation: Christian Lachenschmidt
„Christian has a great and intuitive understanding of the engineering behind the products, and is therefor a pleasure to work with“
Steve Dubs Stellvertretender Geschäftsführer KLK


Back in the days when electric cars where still unpopular and Tesla stock were cheap, Speedway was born. It is a system designed to upgrade roadways with a linear electric motor to get any kind of vehicle to travel long distances without a heavy battery. An important focus was to ensure that there can be peacful coexistence between all existing modes of propulsion. Celebrated and reported all over the world it still continues its fight for climate and against the oil lobby out of youtube. And lo and behold, at the end of 2020 some really electrifying upgrades of roadways are being tested around the world.
„Cool idea for extending the range of electric cars“
wired.com Leading tech magazine
„Das (…) Reichweitenproblem von Elektroautos gelöst – und gleich noch ein zukunftsweisendes Verkehrssystem entwickelt…bestechend einfach“
spiegel.de Spiegel online
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Video abspielen
Video abspielen

Cab Concept Cluster

Visualisation for the near future of agriculture. Including new ergonomics, better steering and integrated field surveillance. Done at lumod for CCC.

Corona Nano Bot

A private project during lockdown to find out how a coral like Coronavirus would behave if inspected by a nanobot. Different iterations of bots and their mechanism to destroy the virus included. thanks to Michael Meinl for the sound and thanks to Bill for the Nanobot Blueprints.
(PLEASE don´t take that seriously! Not yet.)


The first presentation of Aximo, a brand of Hirschvogel Innovation that made its debut at the IAA 2021 in munich. Create your own flavour of speed and power by choosing from a vast menue of vehicle components.