Industrial design

The playful balance between optics, usability, engineering, your brands heritage and its future. To get to the moment where all involved parties look proudly at the final product and just know that it´s a job well done.
But until we get there, it´s a detailed and intricate journey to find the perfect way for your company and your product to shine. Fast CAD Prototyping, real time visualisation and detailed exploring sessions with all stakeholders involved allow to generate a common understanding at an early stage. This is the way.


The future of Product development is already here and its being printed in those gorgeous and enormous machines of AMCM. We gave their first completely self developed product line a clear and indistinguishable look. A look that we then translated to their existing product line as well. Print bigger and bolder in these machines than in any other on the market.
„Unsere Erwartungen wurden mehr als übertroffen, sowohl bei der Erstellung erster Entwürfe, bei der Aufnahme unserer Wünsche wie auch bei der technischen Umsetzung des Designs.“
Georg Fey Team Manager Innovation AMCM


Private project and  a successful Indigogo campaign. Lets you open your beverage of choice with a (literally) measured „pop“.  Small batch Production for several beverage brands in their own print. Started from scratch including electronics and sourcing. Thanks to Markus L. and the countless friends who helped with the test drinking.

Serva outdoor

Fully autonomous transport vehicle for indoor and outdoor services. This beast won´t be stopped by rain or snow or anything else, unless its a human or something it shouldn´t run over. But apart from that? Unstoppable. Special fine tuning went into simple production tools, easy and planar surface sealing and great lighting and accessibility.
Knotenelement des Tara Systemes - Design Christian Förg
komplettes System -Tara Tragarm - Design Christian Förg
Close Up tara Tragarm - Design Christian Förg

Tara Tragarm

Mid size monitor mounting system for Rolec, completely variable in size and shape.
Development of complex structures with Rhino Grasshopper, a fully parametric workspace (or playground as we see it) for production ready structures. Explore, develop and fit it to your ever changing needs.